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GateKeeper USA, Inc.

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Washington Finally Getting Serious About Maritime Security?

It appears that Washington DC is beginning to get serious about the possible threat posed by the lack of screening of maritime containers.

Recently Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) who has been seeking improved security procedures to better protect against biological and chemical threats, reportedly, said it is “crucial we determine which pathways into America pose the highest risk of biological and chemical weapons, release and use the most cutting edge, proven technologies for interdiction.”

Former Congressman Bilirakis (R-FL) also shares these sentiments and recently stated that, “maritime security is a very real concern and escalating problem. Both the Congress and Senate need to prioritize their efforts to address this issue and find a viable solution for what are, apparent gaps in Homeland Security. Billions of dollars of taxpayer funds have already been spent on failed efforts and technology that do not provide a solution. Congress needs to get behind cutting edge technologies that can improve National Security.”

One of the first to publicly speak out on the matter was Senator Frank R.Lautenberg (D-NJ). Senator Lautenberg had brought forth a bill to protect seaports by screening 100 percent of all cargo containers entering the United States. This, in response to and after the Bush Administration admitted to Senator Lautenberg that it will miss a deadline to screen 100 percent of the nation’s cargo for radiological and nuclear weapons. Their bill would, for the first time, create minimum-security standards for all containers entering the United States. “If we can screen every passenger who boards an airplane, we can screen every cargo container that enters our ports,” said Senator Lautenberg. “Screening only one container out of twenty is a recipe for disaster. My amendment will protect our nation by ensuring that each and every container is scanned before it even leaves its port of origin.”

“It’s a simple expression of frustration to a not so simple problem,” stated James Wishart, President of GateKeeper USA. ”While it is apparent that billions of dollars have been spent, what’s not obvious is the protection that amount of money should have bought. “There are technology and solutions that exist now. Getting someone in Washington DC to pay attention seems to be the problem.” continued Mr. Wishart. CAMS (Container Automated Monitoring System) offered by GateKeeper USA, Inc., offers real solutions to real problems that continue to concern America and its allies.

GateKeeper USA’s management plans to meet with several members of the Senate and Congress, in the weeks to come, in order to discuss a viable solution that can insure 100% screening of all cargo containers entering the United States. The Honorable Mr. Bilirakis is assisting the management in these efforts in an advisory capacity to GateKeeper USA.