GateKeeper USA, Inc.

Assisting in the prevention of theft and acts of potential terrorism.

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GateKeeper USA, Inc.

The most advanced maritime shipping container security device.


GateKeeper USA, Inc.

Able to detect and identify harmful materials or intrusions into the container.


Gatekeeper USA, Inc. (GTKP-OTC) Announces Filing Of New Issuer Documents With OTC Markets

ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 20, 2012 — Gatekeeper USA, Inc. (OTC: GTKP) announces that as of December 7, 2012, a complete file of documents required by OTC Markets has been filed including an Opinion of Counsel Letter attesting to the veracity of the complete filing.

In addition to the foregoing, the Company is in the process of engaging with its SEC auditing firm with a mandate to audit its statements through third quarter, 2012. The Company has also retained the services of Stanley J. Wilson, Esquire of Scottsdale, Arizona to file a Form 10-sb with the Securities & Exchange Commission to become a fully reporting QX market tier filer.

About GateKeeper USA, Inc.
GateKeeper USA, located in Rockville, Maryland, is engaged in the maritime container industry as it relates to container security and protection from potential terrorist attacks. The initial focus of the company is the deployment of a proprietary shipping container security device known as the GateKeeper Container Automated Monitoring System (CAMS). The Company has employed proprietary detection and identification technologies. The technologies to being utilized by the Company provide rapid, automatic and specific real-time analysis, identification and quantification of the chemical, biological and radio active compounds whether in liquid, solid or gaseous states. For more information, visit our website at