GateKeeper USA, Inc.

Assisting in the prevention of theft and acts of potential terrorism.

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GateKeeper USA, Inc.

The most advanced maritime shipping container security device.


GateKeeper USA, Inc.

Able to detect and identify harmful materials or intrusions into the container.


James J. Michalski

Mr. Michalski comes to us with over twenty years of experience with Conax Florida Corporation, a major supplier of military grade product to the US Government, private industry and foreign governments. Conax Florida Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of electro-explosively actuated devices and gas storage and release systems for military, underwater and aerospace applications. Conax is a “high-tech” business with extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy customer requirements. Mr. Michalski’s over 20 years of employment at Conax included serving in various positions which were essential to Conax‚Äôs product quality, meeting government specifications and technical performance of products manufactured. Mr. Michalski’s current responsibilities include quality assurance, understanding the total requirements of government contracts received and assuring that all products shipped are in compliance with contractual obligations.

Mr. Michalski’s knowledge and experience related to manufacturing and providing military grade products will be most helpful in moving the corporation forward and successfully obtaining and complying with government contracts. Mr. Michalski holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, specializing in history, economics and governmental procedures and requirements.