GateKeeper USA, Inc.

Assisting in the prevention of theft and acts of potential terrorism.

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GateKeeper USA, Inc.

The most advanced maritime shipping container security device.


GateKeeper USA, Inc.

Able to detect and identify harmful materials or intrusions into the container.


Sterling Mortensen

Mr. Mortensen is a technical leader with extensive experience in project management, department management and developing staff members. He has been particularly successful at increasing productivity of departments and has been the featured speaker at a number of prestigious conferences such as Six Sigma & Software conference, and The Organizational Transformation conference by Institute for International Research. Mr. Mortensen has specialized training in Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints approaches to system and process improvement. Mr. Mortensen has consulted in Lean Product Development for such companies as Sandria National Laboratories, Crown Equipment and Xerox. Mr. Mortensen spent over 11 years as a Research and Development Section Manager at Hewlett Packard Co. with responsibility of delivering a significant portion of a new products development with responsibility for the work of 30 to 100 engineers/computer scientists. Managing budgets of $9 to $15 million per year. Working with marketing and finance. He also has an additional 8 years of experience as an engineer at Hewlett Packard Co. doing Research and Development of new products. With experience in electrical engineering, firmware development and production engineering, Mr. Mortensen holds a BSEE degree from Brigham Young University and a MSEE from National Technological University.